This 'Quaint' Chicago Bakeshop Serves The Best Brownies In Illinois

Chocolate Brownies

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There are tons of amazing desserts out there, and brownies are always a reliable choice to satisfy your sweet tooth.

There’s also no shortage of restaurants and bakeries to order a brownie from, so Eat This, Not That! pointed out the best ones in the U.S. in a report shared earlier this year. The ultimate food content hub noted that the brownie “made its first appearance in the 1896 edition of the Boston Cooking School Cookbook by the famed Fannie Farmer. Ever since then brownies have been gracing bakeshop dessert cases and kitchen counters with their unbelievable flavor and unforgettable texture. And we can understand why—just one bite and you are hooked.”

So, which brownie is the best one to order in Illinois? Eat This, Not That! recommends trying the brownies at Sweet Mandy B’s, located in Chicago. Here’s why Eat This, Not That! says those are the best brownies in the whole state: “Sweet Mandy B's is a quaint neighborhood bakeshop is known for its incredible list of old-fashioned baked goods, which include some of the best brownies in town. Stop on in and enjoy a tiramisu or chocolate caramel-covered fudge brownie while admiring the beautiful pastel decor.”

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