Kristin Cavallari and Jeff Dye Spotted Making Out in Mexico

Ooooo...seems things are getting serious between Kristin Cavallari and comedian Jeff Dye:

Kristin Cavallari and Jeff Dye still won't officially say they're dating, but their lips are making it abundantly clear during a Mexican vacay ... they are definitely a thing.

Kristin and the comedian were all over each other in Cabo San Lucas ... kissing, hugging and laughing constantly. The only time they seemed to take a break from the PDA was to sip a drink while hanging with friends down south.

While they're openly enjoying each other's company it still seems like Kristin's trying to keep this unofficial-relationship on the DL.

For starters, she posted a pic on Instagram but didn't tag Jeff ... and did the same when she posted an IG Story with a couple of friends on the trip.

The pictures definitely make it seem like they're a couple. You can read more about their sexy vacation below:

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