Local News Anchor Wears Glasses on the Air to Support Daughter

Local ABC news anchor Tanja Babich has been wearing her glasses on the air to support her daughter wearing hers...this is so sweet:

ABC 7 Chicago morning anchor Tanja Babich wore her glasses last week to make a point, and it's one that appears to have resonated across the country.

Babich, at the end of Friday's morning show, thanked those who had reached out throughout the week to say they liked seeing her in glasses. She explained that one of her daughters wasn't wearing her glasses because she was worried about what people in her class would say or think about her.

"So in a gesture of solidarity, I've been wearing mine all week to make this point: Whatever people say or think about you is none of your business. Just be yourself, authentically and unapologetically, the rest will work itself out," she said.

Since this happened, lots of other outlets have picked up the story.

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