Meet My Fiancé, Mike!

As a lot of you may know, I recently got engaged over the Thanksgiving holiday to my fiancé Mike!

So many of you have listened for so long, I only thought it was right to introduce you to him. Here are some things to know about Mike:

  1. We met on the dating app Hinge a little more than two years ago. He caught my attention because he looked like a really nice guy in his pictures. Also, at the time he lived in Wilmette which is where I grew I was intrigued!
  2. Mike grew up in Bay City, Michigan (which is where singer Madonna was born).
  3. He's in the military. Mike has been in the Navy for almost 13 years and he recently commissioned to be a Naval Officer. He currently works on destroyer as the ship's Electronics Material Officer (I still don't fully understand what he does day to
  4. His time in the military has taken him all over the world. He even lived in the Middle East for a little while.
  5. While living in Bahrain, he was an engineer for the military radio station there, so he has some radio in his background.
  6. If you couldn't tell already, he's really good at science and math. As you know, I don't do math so we complement each other in this way.
  7. Mike is very into sports. Growing up he played rugby, hockey and football...which caused him to break a few of his fingers. He's a big Detroit Lions fan.
  8. You know I'm a health freak...Mike is slowly but surely leaning my way when it comes to healthy eating and healthy activities. Otherwise, he is normally fine with fast food.
  9. He's super handy! He can fix anything and is really good at building furniture.
  10. His real last name is Love! So yes, he shares a name with a member of the Beach Boys. But truthfully, his name fits him well. He's the most loving person I've ever met.

You can click on my personal site HERE to learn a little bit more! Anything else you want to know, always feel free to reach out to me on social media: @showbizshelly.

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