Pepsi Releasing Chocolate Flavored Soda Called 'Cocoa' Cola

Pepsi is releasing a new line of soda that's chocolate flavored and they're calling it 'Cocoa' Cola. Interesting choice...

On Thursday, Pepsi announced its new “Cocoa” Cola. While the name is of course a nod to its chief competitor, Coca-Cola, the new Pepsi flavor is all about cocoa.

Pepsi is tapping into the popularity of the wintry beverage, containing not only cocoa but a hint of marshmallow (yes, marshmallow) mixed with cola.

But fans will have to do a bit of legwork to try the new flavor. According to Pepsi’s announcement, the company will release the new "Cocoa" Cola only when their tweet reaches 2,021 retweets.

And it looks like it received the tweets so it's official! Will you try it?

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