You Can Stay in the 'Home Alone' Room at Evanston Hotel

Stay in the 'Home Alone' room at this hotel in Evanston! So cool!

There’s no question that ‘Home Alone’ will forever and always be considered one of the best (arguably the best) holiday movie of all time.

In honor of the films 30th anniversary, Graduate Evanston has just unveiled The King McCallister Experience that will allow you to relive the magic in the hotel’s brand new ‘Home Alone Room.’

“Home Alone is all about youthful optimism and playful mischief and those sentiments and nostalgic feelings are the epitome of the types of stories we try to bring to life in our hotels,” CEO and Founder of Graduate Hotel’s Ben Weprin said.

This is so cool!

Now bookable on the hotel’s website, The King McCallister Experience also includes a polaroid camera to use throughout your visit, a minibar stocked with Kevin’s favorite snacks and an in-room theater featuring ‘Home Alone’ movies on demand. Of course, the Home Alone stay wouldn’t be complete without a Chicago-style cheese pizza just for you, which is also included in your stay.

Would you stay here? Could be a really fun stay-cation over the holiday. See more HERE.

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