Oscar Mayer is on the Hunt For Weiner Mobile Drivers in Chicago

How would you like to drive the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile?! They're looking for drivers in Chicago!

Let's be frank: there's a hot (dog) job opportunity happening in Chicago right now.

Oscar Mayer is looking to hire its next round of Wienermobile drivers in the city this month.

Two personalities known as Zach n Cheese and Ketchup Katie will be in the Chicago area through Jan. 25 looking for new recruits. They'll also be driving around to various events.

"While we are in the area of Chicago, we are looking to recruit new Wienermobile drivers in our 'Hotdogger' Class of 34 as well as attend as many requested events in the area as possible!" the company said in a release.

The job includes a one-year salaried commitment that includes creating social media content for Oscar Mayer, performing media interviews on television and radio and coordinating events, according to the company. It will involve multi-state travel and is self-managed.

Get the application HERE.

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