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Glencoe Woman Takes a Dive Almost Daily into Icy Lake Michigan

A mom from Glencoe has been taking an almost daily plunge into the icy waters of Lake Michigan:

Images of Lake Michigan ice have been going viral on social media for days this winter, but one recent image is making waves not just for the ice floating in the water.

Vaida Guthmann shared a photo of herself immersed in the dangerously cold water, surrounded by an "ice lily pad formation," on Facebook.

The image shocked people almost as quickly as the cold water would, garnering hundreds of shares and just as many comments in one day.

But Guthmann later noted that she had been training for the moment and practices cold water immersion daily.

The Glencoe mother of three, who is originally from Lithuania, said she has "been practicing cold water immersion, almost daily, since January 2020, mostly in Lake Michigan."

Guthmann said the photo of her among the ice was taken at 10 a.m. Saturday.

I've tried just cold showers in the past and those can be rough! This is not recommended for everyone. You can read more about it HERE.

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