UPDATE: A 'Schitt's Creek' Pop-Up Bar is Coming to Chicago

UPDATE: Dan Levy, star of Schitt's Creek, took to his Twitter to encourage fans to be safe before heading to the bar. See his Tweet below:

I looooove 'Schitt's Creek' so it's super exciting a pop-up bar is coming to Chicago with a 'Schitt's Creek' theme!

"Schitt Happens" is coming to Replay Lincoln Park, located at 2833 N. Sheffield Ave., for sitcom-inspired food and drinks starting Friday.

Running through April 1, the screamnastic pop-up costs $20 per person for a table reservation and $20 beverage credit, according to Tock Chicago. Reservations can be placed for parties of two to six people.

Apparently they'll even be selling things from Rose Apothecary. The only thing, it's going to be COLD again this weekend, so 'ew.' But hopefully it won't stop people from going. Get your tickets HERE.

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