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Check Out The Math...48 Million TONS of Snow Has Fallen on Chicago Recently

Would you believe 48 million tons of snow has dropped on Chicago these last three weeks?!

In the last three weeks, Chicago has seen roughly three feet of snow. That equates to an estimated 48 million tons blanketing the city.

How does that work? Let's break it down.

From Jan. 26 to Feb. 15 of this year, the area saw 34.1 inches of snow. By Thursday, that number had climbed to 36.9 inches.

Chicago is 149,800 acres in size. One acre is equivalent to 43,560 square feet, which means Chicago is 6,525,288,000 square feet in size.

Data shows 3 feet of light, fluffy snow weighs roughly 15 pounds per square foot.

When you covert pounds to tons, that means the snow that fell on Chicago over the last three weeks weighs roughly 48,939,660 tons


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