All The Ways Weddings Are Changing During the Pandemic

I recently got engaged so been trying to do wedding planning, but it's clear weddings have changed with the pandemic. The Washington Post says people are downsizing their guest count (obviously), cakes are going away, less money is being spent on dresses, but more money is being spent on engagement rings:

As a result, couples are redirecting their wedding dollars — splurging on engagement rings, individually packed charcuterie plates and macarons, and moving away from multicourse dinners, traditional venues and tiered cakes. In states such as Colorado, where pandemic prohibitions include dance floors, couples are shunning live bands and DJs and turning to bingo and trivia games to keep guests entertained.

In 2019, the average wedding cost nearly $25,000, with most going toward the reception, according to the Wedding Report, a market research firm. But with nuptials increasingly taking place outdoors or online, the average couple now spend significantly less, forcing retailers and vendors to adapt. Hotels are offering elopement packages, bridal gown designers are creating simpler, shorter dresses, and bakers are churning out miniature cakes. And a growing contingent of videographers and wedding planners will produce and host Zoom nuptials, often with a price tag in the thousands.

I wanted to share for everyone else who may be planning a wedding. You can read more HERE. You may get some ideas for your own wedding.

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