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Chicago Teen is Securing Vaccination Appointments For Seniors

A teen is being called the 'Teen Vaccine Angel' for securing vaccine appointments for senior citizens.

In an effort to help book coronavirus vaccination appointments over several weeks, a Chicago area teen created a useful tool.

Benjamin Kagan, 14-year-old high school freshman from Lakeview, founded, which has a waitlist of 250 people asking for his help.

“The system is just so complicated," Kagan said. "If you don’t understand the technology, you are just going to lose out and not be vaccinated. And that’s difficult. People were sending me private messages saying 'Benjamin, I can’t figure this out -- can you book it for me?'”

The idea for a website to help people book vaccination appointments came as Kagan helped his Florida grandparents sign up for the coronavirus vaccine in late 2020, he explained.

Kagan said he quickly realized people, his family membered included, were not familiar with the "refresh" button on an internet web page, which allows the browser to reload online content for new updates.

"Plus, every country, state, even pharmacy has its own online maze," Kagan said.

Such a great idea!

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