A Bored Teenager Built a Roller Coaster in His Backyard

A teen in Georgia was bored so he built a roller coaster in his backyard that actually works!

Ben Tolliday said the lack of activity amid the COVID-19 pandemic left him feeling bored, so he spent three weeks constructing a roller coaster from wooden beams, PVC pipe, cinder blocks and sandbags in the back yard of his family's Sandy Springs home.

Tolliday said he was confident in his work, but his first ride on the completed coaster was tense.

"I was absolutely terrified. But I guess because I built it, I knew how sturdy it was. So, I was pretty confident I'd be OK, but I was screaming my head off. It was crazy," Tolliday told WSB-TV.

Ben's mom said she'll be happy when it's gone. Lol. Check out the video...it's pretty impressive.

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