Man Who Accidentally Entered Fiance's Zoom Calls Buys Green Suit to Hide

A man kept entering his fiance's Zoom calls on accident so he bought a green suit to blend into the background. Unfortunately it didn't work too well. LOL. Pretty clever and a good attempt:

TikTok user @tailoredbits shared his amazing life hack: "I bought this green morph suit so I'd stop showing up in the back of my fiance's Zoom meetings," he revealed.

His theory was that by donning the green suit, he would disappear entirely in the computer-generated Zoom backdrop, akin to stunt performers rendering themselves unseen when filming in front of greenscreens for CGI shots in films.

Well, that was the theory, anyway.

Posting the results, he strolls past his fiancé mid-meeting, with parts of this body invisible, but others still in plain view, like some sort of low-budget ghostly glitch.

Oops. Lol. You can see more below:

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