New Reality Show Will Be Sending People to Space

A new reality show is coming to Discovery Channel called 'Who Wants To Be An Astronaut' where ordinary people will be sent to space! I love this!

Axiom Space says it will rocket the lucky winner of the competition to the International Space Station for an eight-day mission. They aim for this mission to follow the launch of the world's first all-private mission to the orbiting complex, which the company hopes to launch in 2022.

That said, NASA has not yet stated if they will allow the winner of this reality series onto the space station. A few weeks ago, a spaceflight reality show competition called "Space Hero" announced that it had signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA, but the agency clarified that so far, the agreement doesn't say that the winner can fly to the space station as the series advertises.

I will definitely be watching. Will you watch?

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