Ben Affleck Photographed Wearing Same Watch From J. Lo Music Video

Some astute fans realized Ben Affleck was recently caught wearing the same watch he had on in Jennifer Lopez's "Jenny From the Block" music video:

Looks like Ben Affleck is bringing back a sentimental token from his ex-fiancée, Jennifer Lopez. The two were spotted together in Miami on Sunday, and he appeared to be wearing the same watch Lopez famously bought for him in her 2002 music video, "Jenny From the Block."

In photos taken on Sunday, Affleck is wearing a T-shirt and sports the distinctive silver watch on his left wrist. Some fans immediately noted on Twitter that the watch appears to be the same one Lopez is shown buying and giving him in the 2002 video. Affleck starred in Lopez's infamous "Jenny From the Block" video, which focused on the paparazzi's intense interest in their relationship at the time.

That's pretty amazing people caught that! See below for the pics!

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