Would You Wear These Wild Fashion Trends This Summer?

There are a few fashion trends that are apparently gaining steam this summer. Would you wear these jeans made by a South Korean designer?

South Korean designers LEJE created these curious jeans that look like you're wearing a glitch in the matrix. The style above are called "Slash" Jeans while the below are dubbed "L" Pants. It is not cheap to wear designer glitch garments though. Each pair is around $500/each.

Or how about these stiletto crocs? I mean, they are designer...

Balenciaga and Crocs have teamed up once again for Balenciaga’s Spring 2022 collection on Sunday, debuting some fresh knee-high Croc boots and unique stiletto clogs, coming in various colors like green and black. Demna Gvasalia and Christopher Kane previously tapped Crocs for high-fashion looks back in 2017, with the newest team-up taking things to a new level. 

Ummm look at these...

What do you think of these trends???

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