Ed Sheeran Got Lasik Eye Surgery

Ed Sheeran can now see without his glasses! The singer got Lasik eye surgery:

In an interview with iHeartRadio Canada, the “Bad Habits” singer talks about not needing his signature glasses anymore after getting Lasik eye surgery.

“It took, like, 45 seconds per eye,” he said. “It was something that I went to go and do just before Divide, and they told me I couldn’t have it done because my eyes were so bad.”

Finally, he met a doctor who said that he could actually do the surgery and went ahead with it.

Sheeran then compared opening his eyes after the surgery to the film “Limitless”, in which Bradley Cooper takes a pill to make him access 100 per cent of his brain’s abilities.

“I spent my whole life wearing glasses,” he said. “I’ve seen through Perspex for the last 28 years and then opening my eyes after laser surgery, everything was like full colour. I could read everything, it was amazing.”

I feel like a lot of people could relate to this.

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