Juvenile Does New Take on His Song and It's Called 'Vax That Thang Up'

Juvenile has a new take on his song 'Back That Thang Up' and it's called 'Vax That Thang Up.' Lol. There's actually a good reason he came up with this version:

BLK, the largest dating app made for Black singles, has partnered with rap legends Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, and "the mother of southern gangster rap" Mia X, turning the iconic rap classic "Back That Thang Up" into the new vaccine anthem, "Vax That Thang Up."

The message is clear: dating is better in all the ways once you're vaccinated.

Black adults under the age of 40 are the most likely group to avoid the Covid-19 vaccination, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Distrust of doctors and government, less access to vaccination centers, and online misinformation each play a role. We hope this video is both entertaining and actionable.

See the video below!

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