Apply to Be the Director of Taco Operations and Get Paid to Eat Tacos!

If you need a job and love tacos this is perfect for you...get paid to eat tacos!

McCormick,the food company known for its seasonings and spices, is hiring a director of Taco Relations designed specifically for anyone looking to get paid simply for loving – and eating – Mexican food. 

The position calls for "a deep appreciation for all things tacos" with applicants encouraged to share their best food-related prerequisites such as recipe developing skills, among other things. The chosen applicant will also get to "taste test and consult on inspirational and approachable taco recipes" and have "taco immersion (and eating) sessions," according to the job description. 

The director of Taco Relations will help develop taco seasonings, keep tabs on taco food trends on TikTok and develop content for social media for events such as "National Taco Day" and "National Margarita Day." 

Sounds amazing. Oh, and it will also pay up to $100,000. Not bad. Apply HERE.

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