The Most Popular Drink in Illinois Is...

A new study has revealed the most popular drink in every state and in Illinois it's the...Pina Colada! This surprised me. Here is more on the study:

After analyzing more than 100 million Google searches over the past 12 months, Pour Moi's 2021 Cocktail Report gives a glimpse of what people are looking for online — and presumably drinking IRL (in real life).

Here's a quick summary:

The 2021 Cocktail Report also broke down the data analysis by state. It comes as no surprise that piña coladas top the list in tropical states like Florida and Hawaii, but it's also the most popular option in six other states: New Jersey, Virginia, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Illinois.

Would you agree with this? I've gotta stick with my usual tequila and soda with lime.

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