This Britney Spears Fan Has $137,000 Worth of Merch

A Britney Spears super-fan has a room full of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merch.

A 25-year-old Pennsylvania man and Britney Spears superfan has hit the jackpot with a massive $137,000 collection of merchandise that he’s been hoarding since the pop star’s heyday in 1999.

Zachary Gordon-Abraham, a recycling tech, confessed he’s spent “spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years” on his array of Spears merchandise, which includes hundreds of tour programs, albums, autographs, photos and tons more that are now worth said amount.

“I’m such a die-hard fan for Britney,” Gordon-Abraham said.

Woah. This is a lot. Take a look at his room below.

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