House That's Known to be Haunted For Sale in New York

There is a house for sale in New York that is legit haunted. It's been featured on paranormal shows and now you can move in. Yikes!

Nine ghosts, as well as memories of notorious gangster and bootlegger John T. “Legs” Diamond supping in the dining room, set the two-story home at 562 Fifth Ave. apart from its neighbors in the city’s Lansingburgh neighborhood.

Across the avenue from the Lansingburgh Fire Station and up the street from the ionic Snowman Ice Cream stand, the Enslin Mansion wouldn’t strike one as a center for paranormal activity, but property owner Michele Bell can detail the lights, sounds and feelings that eminate throughout the residence that’s been in her family for six generations.

OMG...would you want to live here?! See the listing HERE.

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