Girl Gets Photobombed By a Shark During While Taking a Photo

A girl was casually taking a photo in the water when she was photobombed by a shark! Woah.

Kristina Lowe and pal Annalea Burr, both 18, were taking photos of themselves splashing about at New Smyrna Beach, Florida, on Sept. 14 when Lowe noticed something moving past them in the water. 

“I felt something rub against my leg. I looked down and I saw what looked like a huge fish,” she told Kennedy News.

Then it hit her: New Smyrna Beach is the “shark bite capital of the world,” she said.

Once she realized it was a four-foot shark that had grazed her knee, she “started running.” 

Burr, not knowing what was going on, continued taking photos — and ended up capturing Lowe’s wide-mouthed moment of horror. The hilarious — if horrifying — resulting viral snap shows Lowe bent over, screaming in terror as the shark glides on by. 

Crazy! See the full story below!

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