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A Family is Selling Life-Sized Board Game They Created During the Pandemic

A family in New Jersey created a life-sized board game during the pandemic and now it's for sale!

The Aversa family of four came up with the life-sized game called "What's Next?" from their home in Williamstown.

You assemble the weatherproof board tiles inside or outside, and the players are the game pieces.

"You lay out the squares on the floor, and then you get the large die it comes with, and you roll," explained dad, Jerry Aversa. "Wherever you land, you have to do the activity."

"We have things like you have to drop and do three push-ups," said mom, Marlee Aversa. "That's always a funny one. Then we have one where you have to bock like a chicken."

If you get to the end first, you win.

Okay, this actually sounds really fun. If you're interested in getting the game...

The Aversa family is now selling "What's Next?" online with express shipping for Christmas, and Walmart will be selling it online soon.

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