Katy Perry Can't Stand That Orlando Bloom Has This Habit

Katy Perry can't stand that Orlando Bloom leaves his used floss all over the house:

Katy Perry revealed that her fiancé Orlando Bloom’s worst habit is leaving his used floss “everywhere” in their home.

“He loves to floss, which thank God, ’cause some partners don’t and it is disgusting,” Perry, 37, said of Bloom, 45, on the UK’s “Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden” Monday.

She added, “He has brilliant teeth, but he leaves the floss everywhere.”

Perry explained that she will often find Bloom’s used floss “on the side of my bed and in the car and on the kitchen table” despite there being “bins everywhere.”

Okay, this is gross. Although I guess it makes him seem more human?

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