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See Where Chicago Ranks on This List of Most Congested Cities

Chicago is the 6th most congested city in the United States!

Chicagoans spend over three-and-a-half days a year stuck in rush-hour traffic, which is somehow still an overall improvement.

Why it matters: Traffic may be returning, but the pandemic may have shifted when we drive.

By the numbers: According to data from the TomTom traffic index, Chicago drivers spent 86 hours in rush-hour traffic in 2021 compared to 115 hours in 2019.

  • There was a 14% decrease in morning rush-hour congestion, and a 12% decrease in the evenings in 2021 compared to 2019.

Yes, but: Even though rush-hour traffic is declining, the overall time spent on the roadways is going up.

  • Chicago had a 24% congestion level in 2021, which means that travel times on average were 24% longer than during non-congested conditions.

Apparently the worst time to travel is 4pm on Fridays! Get more below!

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