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It's Not Your Imagination, Chicago Has Been Very Cloudy Lately

If you think Chicago has been exceptionally cloudy recently, you're not wrong. Check out this stat:

It has been exceptionally cloudy in Chicago.

In fact, NBC 5 Meteorologist Paul Deanno pulled data for sunshine in Chicago and found just one out of the last 42 days has been "sunny."

"Sunny" days are defined as being 70% sunshine while cloudy requires 80% or more cloud coverage. Partly cloudy and partly sunny skies are ones that fall in between.

Now, you might be wondering what's typical for springtime in Chicago?

According to Deanno, the area usually sees between 10 and 11 sunny days in that same time frame.

"We've been shorted a week and a half of sunshine," Deanno said.

That is depressing! Apparently later this weeks should be nice.

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