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CTA Rider Goes Viral For Eating Shrimp Directly Off Train Seat

A man was pictured eating shrimp directly off a CTA train seat...are you kidding me?! This is nasty!!!

You can now call it the SeaTA.

A viral TikTok showed images of a man eating shrimp off a Chicago Transit Authority train seat, and now, the CTA has responded in the best way.

The unexpected footage, which has been viewed more than 1 million times, shows a man sitting on a Red Line train with what appears to be five containers of shrimp.

In the images, the man dumps some of the shrimp directly onto the uncovered seat next to him and proceeds to eat some, before leaving the remaining uneaten items on the chair after he leaves.

Many commenters have questioned the reason for the surprising treat left behind.

"But what was his intention/motive ? like how do you plan this ?" one commenter wrote.

"What was the REASON?!" another said.

NBC Chicago reached out to the CTA, and their response was an unexpected twist on the tale... or tail.

"Not only is this behavior fishy and extremely shellfish, it’s shrimply unacceptable as it violates CTA’s Rules of conduct, which prohibits eating and littering on trains," the agency said in a statement.

Ok, that's a great statement at least. Lol. Check out the photos!

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